Shapes 3D

Anyone looking for an easy way to create sketches using 3D shapes then this is the library for you. The video below is one of the examples included with the library and shows what can be achieved with Shapes3D.

Although easy to use this library has many features to make exciting and fun 3D sketches.

Shape Types

Category Shape (class name) Informatiom
Primitives Box Box with variable width, height and depth
DoubleCone Single or double ended cones with variable height and oval cross-section.
Ellipsoid A sphere that can be stretched in all 3 axis.
Rotated LatheStock Take a 2D curve and rotate it through any angle to get a 3D surface. It would look like something turned on a lathe, hence the class name.
Stretched Extrusion Create a concave or convex polygon and strtch it along a 3D path.
Tube Create an oval and strtch it along a 3D path.

All the objects in the toothpaste video were created with Shapes3D, there is

  • 1 box - for the table top,
  • 1 tube - for the main body of the squeeze tube. A user defined scaler is used to get the flattened end,
  • 1 tube - for the small nozzle the toothpaste comes out of. Nothing fancy here just a straight textured tube,
  • 1 tube - for the screw on cap, again a user defined scaler gives it a slight taper,
  • 1 tube - following a Bezier spline curve for the toothpaste, and finally,
  • 1 rotated Bezier curve - for the large end closure of the toothpaste container.

As you can see the library can create some quite complex shapes, all you need is some imagination and some practice to get the most out of it.

To help you there are a number of library guides that give you an insight into the inner workings of Shapes3D so that you can use it with confidence.