G4P (GUI for processing)

Important Information

G4P is a large complex library, and sometimes there are issues with Processing that affect it adversely. When discovered these issues will be documented on this site, so if you experience problems with G4P then look here to see if it is a known issue.

Introducing G4P

The G4P library provides an extensive collection of 2D GUI controls for your sketch and comes with many example sketches to showcase these controls.

Both novice and experienced programmers will find it useful to read the programmer guides and the source referencs.

Controls available G4P Features

Image button
Image toggle button
Custom slider
Password field
TextField (with scrollbar)
TextArea (with scrollbars)
View (embedded 2/3D graphics)
PeasyView (Embedded PeasyCam view)
Panel (moveable and collapsable)
Multiple windows

There are eight predefined colour schemes to give a consistent look and feel to the controls. V3 has better text clarity in all 2D/3D rendering modes. Styles (attributes) can now be applied to text e.g. bold, italic, sub/super script etc.

TextField and TextArea controls support copy and paste using the clipboard as well as tab to control which is useful for form filling.

Simple and consistent event handling model allows for handling events by control type. Users can also create event handlers for a specific control(s)