Train Tracks

Many UK newspapers have published this puzzle game either in the paper or in separate book compilations.

You can configure the puzzle difficulty by -

  • changing the puzzle grid size anywhere from 6x6 to 16x16 squares
  • setting the percentage of squares containing tracks anywhere between 25-75%
  • enable harder puzzles to be cteated
  • choose what help features are available during play

Every puzzle is randomly generated and all are guarenteed to have a unique solution that can be solved using logic alone. The harder puzzles may have multiple solutions where some user trial and error is required. Fortunately the puzzle has an unlimited undo feature if you make a mistake.

The game has 3 features to help you solve the puzzle,

  1. Waypoints: saves the current state of the puzzle which you can return to if you made a mistake. Useful for harder problems when using trial and error.
  2. See if the puzzle is solveable: at any time you can find out if there is a solution from the current state of the puzzle.
  3. Solve the puzzle: starting from the current puzzle state find and show the soltion, if it exists.

These features can be switched on/off in settings.