Introduction to using these guides.

For the most part the guides can be read in any order but those in the Core Basics section explain many of the common features at the heart of using G4P so should be read first.

Where to find out more

These guides do not cover every single feature or API call, to find out more then you need to study the reference pages. For instance if you want to find out more about GButton controls then select the GButton class from the class list.

This picture shows part of the reference for GButton, virtually all public methods can be called by the programmer.

GButton reference

Notice the 'Inheritance diagram ...' it shows that GButton inherits from GTextIconBase, which inherits from GTextBase, which inherits from GAbstractControl. Again virtually all the public methods in these classes also apply to GButton. For instnace in GTextBase there is a method calle setTextBold, you can use this to set the buttons text to bold ...


The label control(GLabel class) also inherits from GTextIconBase so we can also do


If you are not familiar with this type of documentation it is well worth the effort to get used to it.